Body waxing in Hong Kong

Body Waxing

Alongside the Brazilian, Honeypot also specialises in waxing other areas of the body. Using only our own in-house strip/ hot wax, our Honeypot kitties will also exercise tender loving care when tending to these other areas.

Body Menu

Service Price
Half Arms SG$28
Full Arms SG$40
Underarms SG$28
Nipples SG$22
Chest SG$25
Chest & Shoulders SG$32
Back & Shoulders SG$48
Snail Trail SG$10
Stomach SG$20
Bottom Half Legs SG$33
Top Half Legs SG$40
Full Legs SG$62
Fingers SG$10
Hands SG$12
Toes SG$11
Feet SG$15
Full Body (excluding Brazilian) SG$250